Friday, 24 February 2017

Taj Mahal

We are also represented by Saatchi Art:

It was quite a while ago when one of us was last in India.  At the
Taj Mahal some of the most interesting views are from across the
River Yamuna at dawn.  To get there on time one needs to take a
boat at about 4 am and wait a while.  I was entertained while I was
waiting by the inevitable arrival of interested locals who seem to be up
at all hours and everywhere at once.  To add to the entertainment
someone found a cobra and, being India, the crowd decided to catch
it and put it somewhere where it would do no harm.  I will always remember
this peculiarly Indian incident.

Here is a re-working of one of those original shots taken in those days on
a Linhof 6cm x 12cm.


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