Friday, 10 February 2017

Industry as Art

We are also represented by Saatchi Art:


We spent 25 years of our lives working as industrial photographers.  It
was hard work but immensely rewarding.  To us industry has just as much
visual appeal as the other subjects more normally chosen for works of art.
 Some of the most breathtaking views either of us has ever seen have been
industrial subjects and some of the most interesting details and close-ups
are also industrial.

We have a large collection of industrial work shot all over the world and we are
re-working some of those images as Fine Art prints.  We have looked at the
market and find that there is very little of this subject available, either for
business who want to decorate their offices or engineers, or just plain laymen
like ourselves who enjoy contemplating man-made marvels.  Why should
architects have all the fun?

We are now both represented on SaatchiArt (links above), the latest site will
feature principally our unique Papua New Guinea images along with industry and
some interesting portraits.  At least to start with.

Here are three files now offered as black & white prints and soon to be loaded
onto the new Saatchi Art account.  At the moment, it is mostly Papua New Guinea but please keep an eye on the site and we will continue to load
new images.

Oil production platform. North Sea.

Engineer setting up turbine rotor.

Electricians working in winter on overhead power lines for railway near Datong. China. 


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