Tuesday 20 December 2016

Joyeuses FĂȘtes 2016

We wish everyone a very happy Christmas

Sunday 4 December 2016

Travelling back in time

Three files from the past

The recent long cold mornings and the need to occupy our new
printer have persuaded us to look back into our
archives which is an amusing and usually agreeable pursuit.

We have just printed three atmospheric files and here they are:

Lindisfarne, Holy Island, Northumberland

When we had a studio in Edinburgh in the late 1970s early 1980s we
took a new year's break and drove down to Northumberland for an
excellent meal (those were the days !) and a few days travelling
up and down the coast looking for worthwhile views.  There
are plenty of splendid views in that part of England.
Lindisfarne, late in the afternoon, has to be one of the best views
on that coast or anywhere.  
One of the first Celtic Christian priories founded by Saint Aidan in the 
6th Century, it was here that Saint Cuthbert settled and it was here
that the Lindisfarne Gospels were created.  The site was destroyed
by Viking invaders and a small castle was built on the rock in
15th Century.

Haflidi Halgrimsson playing a Bach cello sonata
In the early 1980s, the cellist and now composer, Haflidi Halgrimsson came 
to our studio in Edinburgh for portfolio photographs.  
While we were engaged in the interminable business of lighting and setting up, he patiently played part of a Bach suite.  The atmosphere in the
studio was never so relaxing. 

Kettle boiling on hot leaf springs. China

For 15 years or so we both worked as peripatetic industrial photographers
all over the world, shooting a wide variety of subjects and usually
working separately.  On this occasion, Georgina drew the short
straw and went to Shenyang in the Liaoning Province of north east China
in the middle of winter.
At the time we both travelled regularly to that part of the world and it
usually seemed to be winter.
Georgina's work was to photograph the production line of a truck spring
manufacturing plant.  She was amused by the kettle which boiled
perpetually on a pile of red hot leaf springs.  This was not a place
to waste heat. 

Is this my "15 Minutes" ?

Finalist 9th Pollux Awards


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We haven't made a habit of entering competitions.  We haven't really had the time.  But in the current competetive world of Fine Art sales recognition
becomes increasingly important.
Georgina entered a selection of her recent work, mostly her minimalist 
approach to trees and landscape, and was selected as a finalist in the 
Fine Art Category of the 9th Pollux Awards. 
We were pleased particularly as there were over 3,000 entries from
28 countries.