Thursday 5 April 2018

'All the World's a Stage'

William Shakespeare:  "As You Like It"  Act II, Scene VII

We traveled, as photographers, individually or together for many years and visited many countries in the course of our work.  Here is a 
compilation of 53 portraits from 20 of those countries.

Here we think is one of the most interesting ways to enjoy a variety of
work that we hope will amuse and intrigue forever.
One of the privileges of having been working photographers with international
assignments has been to visit often obscure regions in as many as
50 countries.  This enabled us to meet the people going about their
daily lives, their work and their pleasure, often in places that tourists
never visit.
One of the greatest pleasures of traveling is to observe the people, their
differences and their similarities, their customs and the changes in their
lives that are so noticeable over the years as one visits the same
country or region again and again.  
The portraits in this collection are, in a number of cases, unimaginable
now as so much has changed in such a short time. 
This composite is available in a Limited Edition of 8 at
80cm x 80cm
or also in a smaller edition of 8 at 54cm x 54cm.
Each portrait is also available as an individual print.