Sunday 2 October 2016

Chatillon-en-Diois in Winter


A large proportion of the population of Chatillon thinks of the village as a Summer place.  We think that they are missing a lot as the village and its 
surroundings are at their most magnificent in Autumn, Spring and 
especially Winter.
The views are unsurpassed particularly when Glandasse is partially shrouded in
mist during the day and, as the sun sets, is bathed in an unforgettable
fiery glow.  When capped with snow Glandasse takes
on a magical aura straight out of a fairy tale.
Apart from the views in all directions the village has a special atmosphere in 
Winter.  In the shadow of Piemard, the mornings are soft and relaxing.  In
the afternoon the glancing light of a sun low in the sky remodels the
village and its surroundings and the evenings are often dramatic.

Chemin des Vignes

This is a place where people work, with vineyards organised and densely
planted in contrast with the wild surroundings.  The vineyards
take on a graphic beauty in the snow.  
We always take more photographs than we will have the time to process
but we don't forget them. We often return to them, after a year or so, with
new inspiration and work them into prints.  A few Winters ago we
spent an hour or so amongst the vines and now we have made prints
from a few of the pictures that we took back then.
If you would like to buy one or more of these prints, available in various formats, please contact us or come and see them in our gallery.

 Another snow scene in the Chemin des Vignes,below, has proved to be
one of the favourite local images in our collection.