Friday, 13 January 2017

New Neighbours

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Recently about 200 new neighbours took up residence in the field next door.
Neighbours, as we all know, can be a mixed bunch and we've been threatened with far worse.
This bunch was very welcome particularly as, for a change, we enjoyed their music.  There is something special about the sound of the bells that
sheep, goats and cattle carry in this region.  The bells in
the mountains are a sound of tranquility.
200 good looking woolly neighbours came to eat the remains of the
vegetation on the field and supply some fertiliser which they did quickly
and competently.  
The sole drawback was that they arrived with their
'bodyguards'  -  two enormous Patous or Pyrenean Mountain Dogs which
accompany the flocks hereabouts to protect them from the ever-growing
population of wolves.  We were limited to surreptitious photographs
over the fence as the dogs took a dim view of our interest in their
charges.  And, for obvious reasons, we didn't want to annoy them.
Unfortunately, the sheep didn't stay long but they were a very welcome 
taste of tradition here in La France Profonde and they enhanced the already
magnificent view of Glandasse from our garden.

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