Thursday, 19 January 2017

Chatillon-en-Diois - The Big Freeze

Whatever your opinion on global warming, no one can deny that there's
something unusual happening.  The summer of 2016 was one of the
hottest ever recorded here and the last few winters have been hardly winters
at all. There have been all sorts of unusual and largely undesirable effects
from these mild winters, especially an invasion of processional caterpillars that
have disfigured pine trees throughout the region.  This particularly nasty bug
is hard to kill.  Perhaps the current winter, with temperatures on our terrace in
the morning of -14C, will damp the ardour of the nasty bugs and plagues that
have proliferated in the milder weather.
At least, that's what we're hoping as there will be a downside, especially
after having recently planted a lot of small trees and shrubs.
Our home village of Chatillon-en-Diois is not easy to photograph which is frustrating given its spectacular location in the landscape at the foot of Glandasse,  a huge rocky buttress at the southern tip of the Vercors Plateau.  I was looking for a view with snow on Glandasse which adds a glow to an already spectacular mountain
and this is the first result.

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