Monday 21 November 2011


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We first came to Châtillon-en-Diois about 10 years ago, arriving by an unusual route.  We had hired a donkey to carry some of our camping gear and were on our way down from the Vercors high plateau.  Having camped half way down the 1200m descent, we were in good time for lunch.  Finding a good lunch with a loaded donkey in tow is not always easy but we went to Le Caveau Restaurant, looking every bit as if we had just spent a week living in a tent, and no one turned a hair.  We ate well and grazing was found for the donkey.  We thought we'd like to live in Châtillon and now we do.
The medieval village is exceptionally well-preserved, visually outstanding but terribly hard to photograph because it nestles at the head of a valley.  We have rather ordinary views from Glandasse to the north and east but these angles are too high and don't capture the background which is so important to the atmosphere of the place.  We've tried most of the paths up the hills to the south but they are so heavily wooded that we've failed to find the view we want.  We love trees but there is the occasional temptation to take a chainsaw with us.
We've found quite a few pleasant enough views but only including bits of the village and generally not the outstanding landmarks.  A few days ago, we tried again and found a quite nice compromise taken from the north.  Still no Glandasse in the background  -  we'll have to work on that.

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