Monday, 28 March 2011

Photographs in Papua New Guinea 1970 - 1973

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As we've mentioned before, the exhibition in Monaco of some of our Papua New Guinea photographs has just finished.  Most of the images were seriously worked on and restored for the first time for the exhibition and are, therefore, new work from our point of view.  Following a link on our favourite forum, Pro-Imaging, we saw one of Irving Penn's iconic portraits also taken in the same region of the New Guinea Highlands and in 1970, the year that we arrived there and we didn't know that we'd missed the opportunity to watch the great photographer at work.  

Considerable nostalgia and perhaps a desire for reflected glory prompted us to post some of our favourite black & white PNG images that we are now offering as Limited Edition Fine Art prints.  

BAF 0053

BAF 0170

BAF 0188
BAF 0185
BAF 0081
BAF 0100
BAF 0151
BAF 0082
BAF 0150

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