Wednesday, 23 March 2011


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Yesterday, we walked from St. Roman to Chatillon-en-Diois through the vineyards at the foot of Glandasse, the superb south-facing escarpment of the Vercors Plateau.  The vineyard workers are busy now tying the recently pruned vines to their supports.  Signs of Spring are everywhere.  We unloaded our backpacks habitually full of camera gear at the cosy Cafe de la Mairie for a pot of tea and two irresistible apple tarts, warmed, with a scoop of bio vanilla ice cream on top, and flambed Grand Marnier.  All this virtuous walking promotes a destructive appetite.

Chatillon is still very much a traditional village in a region at the edge of the Alps.  Built for hot summers and cold winters it has not changed a great deal and is now a classified village and preserves its charm.  Just across from the cafe the light was just right down a stepped street towards the main road for the view below.

Just over a year ago, when we were looking for somewhere to live, we walked the same route in bitter winter conditions and took this shot of walnut trees and a little stone cabanon, just outside Chatillon.

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